Recommendations and References

You are amazing, and I know you get the the way to make me marketable in the market I am trying for. You are artistic in that, and I am very appreciIve of your abilities and willing to pay you for your time, energy and skill. You are very good at what you do, I am thrilled to to have you as a contact, and I brag about your abilities to everyone.
- Julie C., Batavia, IL
Wow! You have managed to make me sound pretty special (in my resume) and I've been feeling pretty awful these days. I do applaud your talent and thank you !
- Lisa H.,  Seattle, Washington
I think the resume looks great. Thank you for your time and efforts. Thank you for helping me to getting my life off to a job changing position.
-Melissa S., Rockford, Illinois

This looks great. You transformed who I am to the perspective employer. Thank you.
-T.C., Murrieta, California
Excellent work! This is the best formatted and written resume that I have seen. I am just amazed at the quality of work and professionalism you produce. Furthermore, you have my business from here on out, should I need to make additional changes in the future. I pray that it will be in the distance future, because I believe I will definitely land the career of a lifetime with this resume.
-Isaac S., Knoxville, Tennessee
Thank you for the superlative job. It makes me proud to be me when I read this resume! It has been a pleasure working with you.
-Jacqueline S., Maryland
I really like the way you have captured my experience and reorganized the resume. It is powerful. Thank you. You have been a tremendous help. I feel great about my resume. I have showed my resume to two executive recruiting firms. They both have told me that my resume is outstanding! Kudos to you.
-Kim H., Belmont, North Carolina
(My resume) looks great! Thanks again!! You made an ugly duckling look like a swan!!
-J. Greenwell, North Carolina
Just wanted to thank you for your help. Took my new resume to the job fair (today) and got great compliments.
-Lisa W.,   Pennsylvania
Ramsey Penegar was thorough in her approach and diligent in keeping me on task. The finished product is already helping me generate interest, and I could not be more pleased!
-R. Stokes, North Carolina

Excellent value. I will definitely recommend [RP Executive Resume Service] to others.
-J. Carey, Georgia

Ramsey, you have done a wonderful job. This is definitely your calling! If you ever need a reference, you certainly have mine for the wonderful job you did. Thank you.
-Ann Uria, Georgia

The Resume is perfect.
-M. Rios, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Thanks for your work I believe it will be a big improvement. I think it looks great! You did a great job.
-Dan, Nebraska

After having Ramsey review my resume, I received two job offers in one day in the midst of a hiring freeze!
-J. Gantt, North Carolina

Ramsey, fabulous job! That's why you do what you do. Chalk me up as another satisfied fan of Ramsey Penegar! (My customer appreciation skills in use here.) Thanks!
- Tom in Long Beach, California

Ramsey, It looks great. Thanks for all of your help. Great job!
- Bob M., Florida
Thank you for all of your efforts, this looks great!
- B. Clarkson, Georgia

Ramsey, This resume is AWESOME! It's been wonderful and you've been just GREAT. Thank you so much!
- Debbie A., Huntington Beach, California

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