Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cover Letter Tips

By Ramsey Penegar, Executive Resume and Recruiting Consultant

1. Remember, your cover letter is the selling tool to entice recruiters and hiring managers that they should take the time to read your resume. If the cover letter is ineffective, chances are your resume may not even be read!

2. The format should match/coordinate with your resume to project the best, most professional image.

3. Layout should make for desirable reading and letter should not be longer than one page.

4. Beware of capitalizing improper nouns and using proper grammar and sentence structure.

5. Keep in mind that a cover letter and resume are not the place to mention your personal life, marital status, family, age, physical characteristics, non-career related hobbies, sports, etc. This is a professional document and should only include pertinent, professional information about your experience and skills within your career.

6. You should include how many years experience you have and the industries (if applicable to the position) and list several of your top accomplishments and top qualifications.

7. Illustrate the scope of your experience by providing quantity.

8. Take the initiative and tell them you want an interview and that YOU will contact them on such and such a day.

Ramsey Penegar is an executive resume consultant and is certified as a professional resume writer by the Professional Association of Resume Writers. She has developed more than 650 resumes for executives all over the United States and for international clients as well. With more than 10 years experience in marketing and sales, she has the skills to build effective job search marketing campaigns and attention-getting resumes.

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