Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hire a Professional Resume Writer

It only takes 10 seconds for your resume to make an impression…what does yours say about you?
Many highly intelligent, capable people - just like you - make the investment in hiring a professional resume writer to take to task the development of an eye-catching, attention-grabbing, interview-landing resume. Of course you can write your own resume - but do you know how it will stack up against your competition's resumes? Will your resume pass the first skim of the 800 or 900 received by the recruiter for one position? Are you including the right buzzwords? Does your resume have a high level of readability?

You are an expert in your field. Let an expert in the field of resumes and recruiting develop your resume.
It's an investment that can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars when you land the job of your dreams. Is it worth it to pay someone who knows the industry standards and knows what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for in a resume instead of submitting a mediocre resume that might get overlooked?

Contact Ramsey Penegar at ramsey_penegar@yahoo.com

Ramsey Penegar is an executive resume consultant and is certified as a professional resume writer by the Professional Association of Resume Writers. She has developed more than 575 resumes for executives all over the United States and for international clients as well. With more than 10 years experience in marketing and sales, she has the skills to build effective job search marketing campaigns and attention-getting resumes.

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